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Is the Xfinity Stream App available for Xbox One? If not, then when will it be? It's kind of weird that a massive mainstream company like Comcast would not have an app for something like Xbox One. Additionally, when I tried to see content by the individual channels that are offered with our service on Xbox One, Starz, which has an app on Xbox One, doesn't even list comcast as a provider for me to be able to prove that I have Starz, so that I can watch the content I'm paying for. (Ironically, a mere channel like Starz has an app on Xbox One, but not an entire cable company like Comcast?)This is all a big let down to be honest and kind of rediculous.

This question, "No Xbox One Xfinity Stream App?," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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The XFINITY Stream App is not available for the Xbox One. The app was designed to deliver streaming capabilities to Roku devices, partner devices, and Samsung smart televisions. There is a litany of mobile devices that are compatible with the XFINITY Stream App; it is currently available for Android, Amazon, and Apple devices. Xbox does not fall under any of these categories and will be qualified as an "unsupported device." The XFINITY Stream App does not work on Android TV, Windows phones and tablet, Nook devices, Apple television, and other devices that aren't explicitly pointed out by XFINITY's support pages.

XFINITY has noted that it is "anticipating adding more equipment manufacturers and devices during 2019". There has been no mention of the Xbox One being supported.