Nokia 3595 and AT&T

Remember when they used to be called 'Cingular?' and you could swap phones as easily as swapping SIM cards? (quite literally; that's all it took) well when my new RAZR V3 died (hit by lightning as it was charging :( ) i found a older GSM Nokia 3595 at a flea market for $4. it was one of the first dual-band GSM/GPRS phones with color screen and even JAVA support. i figured 'hey this beats buying another expensive GoPhone or a featureless one!' and i thought it was as simple to just swap the SIM from my Moto to the Nokia.

Apparently i had figured wrong. and anyone who still thinks they can swap the new 3G SIMs into some phones as they used to will want to know this. it CAN be done, but you have to phone tech support and give them the IMEI of the new phone and have them do a 'register of the SIM' and then power off the old phone, wait 5 minutes, and put the SIM and battery into the new one and power it on. another 2 minutes it should say 'AT&T' at the top.

They must've just started doing this. what happens is the SIM which comes with your phone is locked into that model the moment it's first activated. which means that unless you have skills with tech support reps or some sort of IT background, you'll be told it cannot be done. they have to know you're some expert before they'll treat you as anything other than an average cellular newbie.

What they had to do was re-register the SIM chip so it looks for the first phone it sees, which was my replacement Nokia 3595. they also tried to tell me the replacement phone was too old which is not true. just letting anyone who uses AT&T/Cingular know that it's no longer as easy as swapping SIMs. but i did get a new (old) phone that works better out of the deal ;)