Non Receipt of converter box coupons

My order was approved on 09/26/2008 and mailed on 09/26,2008.
As of yet I have not received the coupons(Jan8,2008). I queried via E-mail and got an answer back that says, if you don't receive them you are out of luck.
The reply from Web support states: "Couons are validl for 90 days from when they are mailed. Your coupons must be used before they expire as we cannot issue coupon replacements or extend the coupon expiration date for any reason including postal service delays."

There apparently is no allowance for any being lost in the mail...........
I apply for 2 coupons back in Fall of 2008 for my father, he never received the coupons. I have check through the web site and its said that the coupons have being deactivated. I have try to call 1-888-388-2001 and try to explain the situation but the operator just hang up the phone. I try to re-apply through the web site, but was denied since the household has been approved. Contact the again 1-888 I was told that they only process applications refer me to the web site again which refers you back to the 1-888. This is being going one for months is very frustrating. Is there a live person that we can speak who I can explain my situation and get the coupons for my father who is a senior citizen on a fix income. If any one knows a number or a web site can you please me provide me the information I would really appreciated. Thank you.
I check the web site for the Consumer Affairs and there is an article by Martin H. Bosworth title "Consumer Getting Frustrated with DTV Coupon Program" dated 10/16/2008. I submitted a complaint to this agency, the URL for the web site is as follow Knowledge is Power! Consumer news, reviews, complaints, resources, safety recalls. I also submitted a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the URL for the web site is a s follow; I also check with the National Telecommunication and Information Administartion (NTIA), National Telecommunications and Information Administration who provides an email for the DTV2009 as follow NTIA: Digital TV Transition and Public Safety. I send them an email would see what happens. I recommed all of you to send your complaints to the FCC and NTIA who are in charge of over see this program and let them know your situation. I would let you know what happen. Thank you.
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