North Korea: Obama a “clown,” a “dirty fellow”


People have always found humor in certain countries and dictator's proclamations and sabre rattling. I have to think it is cultural. To me it sounds like playground talk.

The Washington Post reports on an article from N. Korea about the POTUS. It was not translated into English, which is unusual for such a rant.

Here is a taste...

“does not even have the basic appearances of a human being.”

“It would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the world’s largest African natural zoo and lick the breadcrumbs thrown by spectators.”

“He is a crossbreed with unclear blood,”

Another article noted...“wicked black monkey.”

Why all this strange race-based chatter? B.R. Myers has studied this mindset and sums it all up this way...

“The Korean people are too pure blooded, and therefore too virtuous, to survive in this evil world without a great parental leader.”

If you are into more here.


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So, what you are saying is that the North Koreans are... inbred hillbillies? Hell, we have people here in Utah who use the same insults. And the local newspaper publishes them!

Those poor N Korean people have been fed crap for so long that most of them believe anything "Dear Leader" tells them. I watched a show several years ago where a US doctor went to N Korea and helped some people - at the end, the patients cried and carried on - and thanked Kim Jong Il !


I have read and seen video of similar madness. They totally believe the official feed of information. I guess they do not have anything else to go on. I suppose the younger gen is hacking into the internet and getting a much better idea of what is really going on to the South of them.
I have read and seen video of similar madness. They totally believe the official feed of information.
I think they feed them what they want to hear. The belief in Korean pure blood goes back thousands of years. There is no basis in Korean law (including South Korea) for prosecuting ethnic discrimination, and there's no basis in science for believing our attitude is superior or inferior to their attitude.

For example, biologists believe that diversity is an important trait for survival of a species. But the politically correct crowd claims there is no diversity between races other than skin color! Any suggestion that black people might be better at basketball or rap singing immediately elicits the "R word." Then there's the feminist belief that there's no diversity between sexes. Inside plumbing vs. outside plumbing, that's it. We hold fast to a strange hodgepodge of unscientific notions in the U.S. of A.

Racism in South Korea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Man, NK is so unreal. In a completely un-related note has anyone here played that game "Papers, please"? It seems like they based it on north korea LOL