Not a big fan


Call me a Lost hater, but I tried to watch an episode last week, and got completely lost. Seems like if you haven't been keeping up with the season, you might as well forget about tuning in at all. :p


That is true. You really have to watch them all to understand what is going on. Even then- you aren't guaranteed to know what the heck is going on! There are so many new questions every episode.

I'm a lover of the show! Watched from season 1 and love it!


In order to keep up with Lost you have to watch every episode. I would suggest buying the complete seasons so you know what is going on. This is my all time fav.


I agree. Lost is a series that would be great to catch on DVD, and from what I've seen of it so far, I think it would probably be worth the time spent.
I don't think people would risk their lives like that.
But then look at those jackass movies.
Those guys do ridiculous things to be on TV, so, who knows.
I'm sure there would be some nut jobs that would be all for it.


I have to agree with you. I have tried to watch it a couple of times and can't figure it out. It looks like you have to watch it from the beginning and not miss an episode to know what is going on. Too much trouble for me.
The show definitely has a lot of twists in the plot, so much so that the more I watch, the more I tend to really get lost. So I think I figured it out: don't think too much about the storyline (the facts and what is really happening with all this being in the past and then the present), especially if you've missed a couple of episodes.