not a happy camper with R15 - DirecTV DVR

For not a happy camper with R15, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. Ive had the R15 for a week, and I dont know about you guys, but I'm not too thrilled. I DO however like the cool blue lights on the unit lol. I still have my old Hughes R10 Tivo unit, I might go back to that unless they make mucho inprovements to R15. Some of my gripes are setting season link to record first run episodes only and to do list shows repeats scheduled also. Also the buttons on the remote especially the arrow left, right, up, down keys are hard on the fingers. Tivo remote was much more comfortable to use. There is a bit of a delay with R15 button commands before responding. Finally a few times I had to reset receiver with the red button next to card slot and when I went to use guide or view to do list right afterward, most of the info normally listed was gone. I had a show called To be Announced in to do list, and ditto with guide, most listings were blank or stated title not available. They just have way too many bugs with this new R15 unit. The new graphics are nice, but as much as I sort of hated the cartoony Tivo screens, at least the system was dependable. Not yet so far for R15.
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