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From: Mike Daniel (
I am a new customer. Everything had been going fine, installation as promised, professional, courteous...tough getting used to channel line-up, but service is good, stable. The internet? Unfortunately here in Wichita they have the speeds throttled for some unknown reason, to an embarrassing 3mb per sec (my God, I think my phone has faster speed).
I was promised a complete package deal for $50 a month, Direct TV and Internet. First bad sign, Direct TV package didn't include ESPN as promised. Ok, I can eat that for my wife, she loves sports...$10 upgrade. Everyone I talked to at customer support, I mean everyone... I had at least a half a dozen contacts with AT&T Support and probably twice that many support agents. ALL of them continued to confirm, I asked, they confirmed...$60 a price.
We got our first bill...whoops...not right. It showed $60 Direct TV, $20 Internet. So, from $50 a $80 a month. I called them and tried to get it fixed, get it back down to $60. Now, all of the sudden..."Do you have proof of that quote?" Yeah, sure AT&T, I knew you were going to lie to when you made a promise to me, I had my lawyers document the call, I notarized the documentation, created the file for a date stamp, then I emailed it to all of my addresses so it would be date stamped again with the appropriate dates.
I'm on disability. Very limited income.I need a new heart(Not that it's your business...just added color I guess.) We budget our money very carefully. You, electricity, water, gas. Just curious? How does it feel, sitting there with that nice salary, huge office, big house, all the best things in life...knowing that you got it by conning $20 here and there out of people like me. I know it really makes no difference but I hope you sleep well. I'm sure you tell yourself you do. We shouldn't have to have lawyers to do honest business with you, it's a shame you hide behind yours to do business with us.

This question, "Not a question...Statement for the CEO.," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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