Not able to use the Mobile DVR...? - DirecTV

I am not able to get the Mobile DVR function to work... I have tried technical suooprt and they have been no help... I have tried on my iPad Pro and Android phone. I start with the "Get Started" . It goes through the process and eventually says " We couldn't connect to your DVR - Please try again (100)"...

Is there an advanced Tech suooprt line?

This question, "Not able to use the Mobile DVR...?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Directv is no help

I have the same problem. Upgraded my equipment and signed new 2 yr so I could have the mobile ability but it has never worked, get the same "we couldn't connect to your DVR". Have tried with 2 different phones and 2 tablets, called, and chatted with Directv several times but NOTHING. They said an engineer is working on it, just keep trying daily til it works. I asked if it will be days/weeks/months and they said they didn't know..they also said I will only be contacted if they need more info.