Not being protected by protection plan! - DirecTV

I have the 19.99 protection plan. Recently I was watching TV and it lost power just like it had been turned off. I tried it in other outlets but the TV would not power on. I filed a claim with Direct TV and they sent me the shipping materials and a shipping label. I shipped the TV to be repaired. I got an email that said my repairs were "complete" and my TV was being shipped back to me. I received my TV and it does not work. I found 1 paper inside that said the plan did not cover the "damages" done to my TV. Also something about cosmetic damages. There are no cosmetic damages on the TV. Its never been dropped, turned over or mishandled in any way. Now there are parts lose on the inside of the TV. Also the stand will no longer fit because there is nothing to fasten it to on the inside. The control buttons on the side of the TV are now lose and shouldn't be. Those buttons have never been used. When I shipped the TV to be repaired it was in as good as new condition except for what I believe to be a bad power supply. any other problems with claims under their protection plan.

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