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I switched to DirecTV from Dish recently, thought Direct would be substantially better and wanted the Sunday Ticket. I'm not happy at all. Where do I start. First their commercial boasting about watching DirecTV online and you can watch ALL of your channels online is not true. No you can't!! I travel often and have had to resort to using other online services to watch TV. I can't see my recorded programs, lots of channels are not available, everything below channel 200 is unavailable and no Sunday Ticket channels are available so watching football on Sunday with DirecTV online is impossibe. My experience with Dish and cable online has been 10x better than DirecTV. At home, the sports mix channel shows local network channels out of my area instead of my local channels so when I try to select that channel it brings up that stupid screen asking you to upgrade and order this channel. Really annoying. You cannot switch between two Sunday Ticket games in PIP. They say if you're a sports fan you gotta get DirecTV, really?? Remote is extremely slow, sometimes I have to press a button several times before it responds (yes I have changed batteries) and channel surfing is EXTREMELY slow, especially on my secondary receiviers. I don't even surf anymore, just use the guide. The picture freezes often, sometimes it will not unfreeze until I change channels. It would be great if you could manage the features of your receivers onlne, since the receiver is so slow I just gave up setting up my favorites, it would probably take a couple of hours to go through all the stations.

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