Not receiving any reception with TV

I have not had or had little reception for almost 3 weeks. My converter box is located in Middleburg Hts, Oh.. I have tried auto-scanning..nothing helps.. is this the kind of service we get when the government decides to put their nose where it doesn't belong. the number of course that pops up on the screen when I cannot get reception has not worked in weeks... I have no one to contact.


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So, are you saying you HAD channels, and now you don't?
If so, what stations did you get before?

Do you have neighbors with antenna tv, what are they getting?

Is this the only converter box you have? (suspecting a bad converter box)

Fringe Reception

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:welcome: Paulette,

Pogi is probably correct that your converter box is kaput. What Brand name and Model is your converter box and have you noticed it running hot to the touch?