I canceled my service from Comcast and switched to At&t in hopes that I would receive better service and rates. We setup installation scheduled for 10/03 at 9AM. My wife and I took the day off of work. The rep arrived and begin assessing our Chicago home. He needed to reach the roof. We made this assesable but due to the gentlements body size (on the larger side--- but no dis-respect) and could not complete the job and said just to call back in and reschedule and request a smaller individuel. I mentioned that he could access the roof by a ladder but he was not comfortable. It should not be a problem since it was only a 3 Story building. The gentlemen left and we have no service and completly wasted our day and I had to call in to customer service just to be on hold for 30 minutes until I finally spoke to a rep. Not once did I receive an apology or that they would look into the quality I receivedr. I did however get re-scheduled for later in the week, which I am going to have to take time off work. Time is money and they have completly wsted that already and we havent even received service yet. I requested someone to come on today to rectify this but was told that could not happen. I would like for this to be taken care of. This is a bad experience already and I was looking for better.