Not technically 'electronics' it is vintage!

Another score i found. not too surprised it still works but it has to be the cutest thing ever. i believe it is from the 1960s by the styling of it but it's a Hotpoint brand Porta-Cool A/C unit. the smallest window A/C i have ever seen! (never even seen a new one this tiny, although i was surprised how small they got lately, until this find) this was found in a junk slide-in camper shell and of course now cools my home while fitting into my decor!

It's extremely energy efficient for its time, around 5 amps draw, and is able to evenly cool a whole trailer home without one room (the one the unit is installed in) being colder than another. it's also extremely quiet, and i believe it was a luggable although i never can seem to grasp the concept or function of making an A/C unit 'portable' but i find it funny that it looks like a huge transistor radio in the window, with the huge circular fan area looking like a large speaker!
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Fascinating. I just took a look before reading your post and I thought you have a radio there. All i missed was the station scala.

What a cool look for a cooler.

Thanks for sharing that with us.