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Not Receiving Two Strong Stations

My Antenna: Stellar Labs HDTV 80 Mile Deep Fringe Bowtie
My TV Fool Results: Results Link
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The antenna is mounted in my attic about 25 feet off the ground. I used the results from TV Fool and Antenna Web to point the two antenna arrays. I get great reception from the TV stations except I get no signal from 9.1 (ABC) and 18.1 (CW). Both of these stations have very strong signals according to TV Fool and are only 18 and 17 miles away. As you can see from my Antenna Pointer image, these are in the general direction of 5 total TV station signals. The difference for these two is the path two to my house crosses downtown Charlotte, NC. There are no other obstructions that I can think of. Can the tall buildings are obstructing the signal? I get good signal from station antennas on either side of the two that I don't get and all 6 are within 20 miles, but the others pass on either side of downtown Charlotte. The weird thing is my Stellar Labs antenna replaced an omni-directional Lava HD-8008 Omni-directional HDTV Antenna that was mounted on the other end of my attic. The Lava antenna received channels 9.1 and 18.1, but the signal for all channels would cut out and then back in or become pixilated on a regular basis. I put the Stellar antenna on the other side of the attic because it's closer to the access point.

Any recommendations is appreciated.

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Since you already established virtual channels 9 and 18 (real channels 34 and 27) are available at the opposite end of your attic, I'd move the Stellar Labs antenna there, but try it in a variety of locations and rescan every time you move it until you find the best spot to mount it.

Many things complicate attic installations including metal chimney piping, HVAC ducting or even the relative position of your cast iron bathtub or major kitchen and laundry appliances located somewhere below the antenna: all of these can be signal reflectors and reflected signals confuse digital tuners. Keep us posted.