Now I can't watch Tru Tv app?! - TWC TV and Apps

So I download Tru Tv app, like I have with many other channel apps. I go to login but TWC isn't listed as a service provider, only spectrum is listed. So I choose spectrum and use my TWC login info, only it said it's incorrect. Spectrum doesn't recognize my TWC login info. So I look for help in chat on the TWC website. I'm told to use the TWC apps on the website. So I go to the website only to find the Tru TV app isn't listed as an available app forTWC. I can watch many of Tru TV shows on demand through my tv, but I can't get an app for the channel. I'd love one to become available soon please!

This question is about "Now I can't watch Tru Tv app?!", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.

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