Now this is a Flat Screen - Sony 27-inch OLED TV Prototype

Jason Fritz

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Wow, Sony is bringing a new technology to market in the next couple of years called OLED.

Source: Sony 27-inch OLED TV

The above TV is still a prototype, but OLED (organic light emitting diode) allows Sony to build the TV with a thinness of just 3mm.

Their new OLED screen type has been reported to have a thickness less than a millimeter one third the thickness of the current OLED television pictured above and a tenth that of its thinnest LCD (liquid crystal display) TV.

Quite Impressive!


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Everytime I buy a new TV, something else comes out, and completely rocks. This happened with 1080i/1080p and component/hdmi connections on the last 2 TVs i've purchased in the last 5 years.


Wow. That is some picture. We have a LG 1080p, which hopefully will be good for a few years yet. We were told that most stations haven't even started broadcasting in 1080p, yet. So we are ahead of the game, hopefully. Technology changes so much, it's hard to stay on top for long.
I've been drooling over OLED technology for some time now. I'm sure price will be a issue when it goes on sale, but I love the speed at which TV manufactures are shrinking the components of flat screens.

I saw a news report a few months ago about some new technology where we'll be able to roll up a TV after we're done with it, and put it in our pocket!

Aaron, don't worry about it, I bought a flat screen last year, and since then, prices have come down big. I look at it this way, there will always be something out their, bigger (or in the OLED's case, smaller), better, and cheaper.


I see this technology being more useful for larger laptop displays than for home displays. I can see where it would be easier on the walls it might be hung from, but other than that I see no benefit making something thinner and lighter so you can charge more for it.

As for things like this getting cheaper...I think you will be in for a real shock in the next few years as prices go up drastically as either one of two things happen. One the economies of the world equalize and as wages go up, so will consumer cost, or two; we start making these products here in America where workers must have a high wage to have a decent standard of living.

Like it or not the era of buying cheaply made foreign goods is coming to a close.


Wow, I can't keep up with all this new technology. It changes for the better every time I blink. But I agree that that is one awesome TV. It would look great in my living room :), but I am sure the price would not look great in my checking account :(.


I also feel dismayed with the system, it is getting so tough to remain updated with the latest range. You spend a big amount on a product, next day you find that something with one extra feature is on the shelves.This all is so very disheartening.
Anyways the Sony is ultimate in technology and so might be their OLED.
Vavoom! But...

"Everytime I buy a new TV, something else comes out, and completely rocks."

Tell me about it. Tha drives me insane. More so with gaming systems though... I mean, I have a Gameboy, GB colour, GB advance, GB advance XP, and DS from when I was younger... <_< Every bloody year, a new one would come out, and the new games wouldn't work for the "old" system. >:\
Wow that TV looks amazing. My boyfriend and I are in the market to getting a bigger tv for our family room and moving that tv into the bedroom. I'm waiting for black friday sales, maybe I will find a great deal.


wow i didnt care for the OLED type much, but WOW that looks amazing. cannot judge the picture but the thinness really makes it an amazing product. hopefully that 27" gets to average consumer prices within two years.