NOW you can order pizza from your car!


[h=1]You can now order Domino's pizza from your Sync-equipped Ford[/h]

The news keeps pouring in from the Consumer Electronics Show now underway in Las Vegas, and the latest comes from Ford which has announced two new apps for its Sync AppLink system.

First up is a cooperative app launched by Ford together with Domino's Pizza that lets drivers of the former order pizza from the latter right from their car. The service allows those with Ford Sync AppLink in their car or truck and are registered with a Domino's Pizza Profile to place an order for their favorite pie using Dearborn's voice-recognition software for either pickup or delivery. Save your information in your Pizza Profile and it'll be sent to your house without even the push of a button, which strikes us as awesome a use of technology as we've ever seen.

The second announcement is the result of a similar collaboration, this time between Ford and Parkopedia. Using a dedicated app, drivers will be able to access Parkopedia's 28-million listed parking spots, find the nearest one and see how much it'll cost them to park there. Easy pizza and pain-free parking? This whole connected car thing just might be worth it after all.


That sounds cool... Great for people that don't have time for anything and have to do more than one thing at once. I don't know if it's good though if someone starts to focus on choosing the toppings while driving... It's still less nerdy than ordering a pizza with a special button in an MMORPG :p


I really like the idea of being able to call from your car. But you can easily call from your phone IN your CAR... LOL sorry couldn't help it....
I honestly don;t see what the fuss it about. Like FWAmie said, you can use your cell phone in your car. Seems a bit silly to me but I guess some people would find it cool.


I agree with those two ^
It's extremely easy to order pizza by smart-phone, and you can bet that anyone who acquires "sync" technology already has one of those.

The parking thing on the other hand... that's pretty awesome. I guess you could do that with a smart-phone as well, but it's a lot more practical to link parking with a car than to link Domino's Pizza to a car.