NPR story about OTA dtv

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Good article and I like what they wrote:

... "And what happened on the way to the [TV] graveyard is people started realizing they're extremely surprised at the picture quality you can get over the air," says Richard Schneider, who owns Antennas Direct in St. Louis. "And in many cases the resolution is in fact significantly higher than you can get off of satellite or cable." ...

Imagine that. Thanks!



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You gotta realize, Jim, that the cable and satellite companies are all about quantity, not quality.

500 channels!!! OMG!!! Your head will explode!
Good article. I thought they made some good points about many cable programs being available over the internet. Though I loathe watching TV on my computer, there are a few shows that I am willing to watch that way. I am really anxious for the Boxee Box and/or Popbox to start shipping so that I can start watching internet TV on my HDTV instead of the computer.

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