NY1 new layout is ruined. Both design-wise and technically - Time Warner TV

This question is about "NY1 new layout is ruined. Both design-wise and technically", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. The new layout of NY1 that was introduced today is awful. First, the "Next Up" column on the left is unnecessary and the bottom crawl is totally distracting. They both take up too much space - and it leaves the content shrunken and un-focused. The live video content is blurry because it's squeezed down to fit in that window - making details soft and out of focus. That makes content that is no longer HD quality. An example, the "in the papers" segment is a joke now because when the host holds up the paper - it's unreadable. Watching content likes this makes me feel as if my glasses need changing, but, it's not my glasses. The graphic text around the edges outside the video content is crystal cleas. NY1 was the only thing keeping me on Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) so after many years - I will be switching to Verizon because of this re-design.

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I agree. NY1 News was always simple to watch, uncluttered. A welcome change from what you see on all news channels. I hate the new format. We may change providers just for this alone.