Obama Seeks More Money for Digital Converter Coupon Box program...


Delay in analog TV shutdown presents challenges

Delay in analog TV shutdown presents challenges


Last updated January 23, 2009 2:51 p.m. PT

WASHINGTON -- With the clock ticking toward the Feb. 17 deadline for TV broadcasters to shut off their analog signals and go entirely digital, analysts say more than 6.5 million households are not ready. Now Congress appears poised to postpone the transition to June - but a delay could bring its own problems.

To avoid blacking out TV sets in unprepared homes next month, the Obama administration is seeking the delay to give the government more time to fix a subsidy program that has run out of money for coupons that help consumers pay for digital converter boxes for older TVs.

Senate Democrats late Thursday reached a deal with skeptical Republicans on a bill to push the digital transition to June 12 - setting the stage for a vote early next week. The House is likely to move quickly after the Senate acts.

Yeah, more $$ for the converter box program! ;)
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Man! I see 1972 all over again can smell those 18 to 20 percent interest rates coming, Both Republicans and the Democrats are spending like a bunch of drunken sailors. do they not realize that it's gonna be payday some day and guess who's gonna get the bill. Let cut their pay by 50% and put that toward all of this stuff, Congress just voted themselves a bigger budget for next year. when things get tight I have to cut my budget why shouldn't they?:confused:

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Don't worry Cowboy don't expect for them to cut their expenses bills, because it wont happen, they just drip off the juice from the normal people, and claims to be ruling great, Thats all stuff for them.