Oculus Rift news-do you know this system?


[h=1]What? You don't know about Oculus Rift?
This may be overwhelming if you do not know about OR and what they are working on for gaming. Eventually we will be see this technology being used for practice surgeries, driver training and way more.
People who have experienced this 3-D virtual world system are pretty speechless at first.

Oculus Rift's latest prototype features positional tracking, an OLED screen, and kills motion blur[/h]

The newest version of the Oculus Rift headset is another major step toward the retail version promised for some point in 2014. It takes the existing HD headset seen at E3 2013 and swaps an LED screen for OLED. It adds an external camera, and positional markers on the headset, to track your position depth-wise. Perhaps most importantly, it kills motion blur -- one of the biggest issues with previous versions of Oculus VR's incredible Rift headset.

The latest prototype, dubbed "Crystal Cove," is here at CES 2014, and we've just gotten out of an EVE Valkyrie cockpit to tell you all about how much of an improvement this new guy is over the previous model.

Leaning forward in the cockpit of an EVE Valkyrie dogfighter, there's readable text on a smattering of control panels. The forward thrusters, it turns out, are about to be engaged, hurtling us into space amongst a volley of other spaceships out for blood. Oculus VR director of dev relations Aaron Davies has us pause so that he can toggle one of Crystal Cove's newest features: "low persistence." We turn from left to right, unable to read the blurred text in front of us. He flips a switch, and voila: no motion blur. Well, very little. It's a far cry from the first Kickstarter dev kit we used many moons ago and, despite the importance of positional tracking, makes a tremendous impact on the usability of the Rift.

And all of this looked far, far crisper than previous units -- that's due to the new OLED screen inside and a 30 millisecond lag time (down by half from the previous dev kit). As far as when all these new bells and whistles will arrive in developer hands is another question altogether -- we're told by Oculus that the Crystal Cove prototype is just that: a prototype. With around 46,000 dev kits out in the wild already, it's probably unfair to ask all those folks to re-buy kits. That said, we expect it won't be long before new dev kits are available, and not long after that for the world of VR to expand dramatically. If 2013 was the year of proof-of-concept for Oculus Rift and modern virtual reality, 2014 seems poised to be the year when it comes into its own. With Crystal Cove, that possibility is greater than ever.
I hadn't seen this prototype before. I'm still waiting to see the hardware get smaller/lighter to have it really take off for use. We're SLOWLY starting to realize the benefits of virtual reality across industry, but cost and size seem to be the primary barrier for widescale adoption.


It seems cool, but you can't really expect for it to become popular... It's probably going to be too expensive for a regular person when it launches and there's only so much of my attention that an expensive thing for rich people can get. It would be great if affordable and widespread though.


The developers kit sells for $300. I believe this allows software developers to use the 3D technology to create new games based on OR.


Personally, even though I'm not going to buy the thing, news of the Oculus Rift makes me so happy. Soooooo happy. Every step toward this:

makes me a happy camper. For those of you that don't know, that's from anime called Sword Art Online. Best fictional anything that I've seen about virtual reality, except the game in the show hooks up all of your senses. What I wouldn't give to play a video game and feel the hilt of a sword in my hand...

If you want to have ANY clue what I'm talking about, watch the first two minutes of this. Don't judge.

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With John Carmack at the helm for this project it seems to me that real home application of VR is going to be a reality in the next 6-12 months and will lead the way to the next standard of how we handle visual representations of information. Each iteration of the dev kit is becoming smaller, slimmer and better performing at a steady clip...exciting stuff


That's Ironic. Considering that my husband and I were talking about something like that not to long ago. Now my husband would love it! Considering he loves anything to do basically with virtual worlds and 3D. I on the other hand, if I look at anything 3D I get sick. But it would be kind of cool I guess.


I'd like to see it in my living room... But it's probably not going to hit the market soon, and if it does, I surely won't be able to afford it. Unless I make it a big gift for me to thank me for being me or something. Yeah, I should consider it :)


I'd like to see it in my living room... But it's probably not going to hit the market soon, and if it does, I surely won't be able to afford it. Unless I make it a big gift for me to thank me for being me or something. Yeah, I should consider it :)
Well you could always arrange a wedding and register it at a gift registry ;)