Odd/new subchannel on WOTH Cincinnati


The digital converter box says it's called Skyline but the channel itself (25.5) only shows the WOTH call sign as seen here...

Anyway the channel consist of nothing but classic television commercials with no new commercial interruptions, only the occasional WOTH logo. The first day the channel came on the air (3-6-10) the same six or eight commercial were shown over and over and over...but they've added several more since. Unfortunately all but one commercial has been b/w, not that there's anything wrong with that but if the channel's gonna stay in it's current format I hope they add some color commercials too.

I'm not sure if this is something WOTH has put together as channel filler or if it's another new subchannel coming up. Checked the subchannel list on Trip's site but found no listing for a Skyline channel so maybe Trip or someone else knows what's going on on WOTH 25.5.


Kind of like a RTN without commercials right?

Do they show movies too?
No movies yet but as of sometime yesterday they started airing an episode of an old old tv series called Tales of Tomorrow. The show looks and sounds really bad but it's an interesting story but they keep re-running that same episode too.

I might add that they're now showing a lot more color commercials since yesterday so maybe someone from WOTH reads this board. :)

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