Ok, asking for input once again!

Kriss the preferred method is to use two coax runs and an A/B switch.
Amazon.com : Radio Shack, Remote Control A/B Switch for 75 ohm Coax. : Audio Video Selectors : Electronics The remote control switches are getting more difficult to find. The Radio Shack one is on close out. The one that was sold by MCM Electronics is discontinued. These are not hard to find. Amazon.com : C2G / Cables to Go 41015 High Isolation AB Switch : Video Signal A B Switches : Electronics
Other methods will probably cause problems with signal loss and muti-path. I've read about using separate amplifiers ahead of the combiner. You would have to work out the power supply details on that one and it could still create multi-path problems.
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Check out this page. Scroll down to read about the clearstream antennas.
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The CS2 and CS4 are close to the bottom of the page.
You might like this page.
Interesting, kind of glad I bought both, the CS4, and the CS2V, however they are 2 very different antenna's due to the Balun/configuration. Alright, so I ask again, what would the best way to add my Folded Dipole to the CS2V to replace the straight dipoles? I feel this will help the antenna more than hurt it. I figure I will need to open up the CS2V and toss the balun circuit, replacing it with a coax homemade balun. My focus for would be RF 13 on the VHF end, and RF 49 on the UHF end. I've already simply swapped out the VHF antenna's and that alone was a huge increase in VHF signal. As far as the balun being configured poorly(?), my attempt shows very good results, about 90% of the previous VHF signal I had using my VHF Folded Dipole alone. Nearly certain the VHF coax input is simply wired as a combiner straight into the coax to the TV, as there is a balun on the CS2V VHF dipoles (this may not be anything more than a set of wires soldered to coax connection however, but it looks like a balun). I'll dig in deeper this weekend or next (my table is literally full at the moment!). Any input would be greatly appreciated however, and may inspire haste)! :p

Thanks Steve, now I don't have to tear open a CS Element to cure my curiosity! lol The CS4 does VERY well indoors in my situation, however the wife said when it's sunny out, it starts losing signal. I know that's the sun/weather forcing my sweet spot to lose it's sweetness (in not so scientific terms), as I'm relying on none existent focal points for my antenna to point. Considering it's facing North, and receiving signal from SW, W, NW, N, and E (all the while with the stock reflector). I swear the water tower is refracting every signal to my sweet-spot! :D Coincidentally, the VHF Folded Dipole has to be facing East, and very particular! I'm certain that is 90% related to my height problem indoors.

Ultimately, I picture the CS4 joined with my VHF Folded Dipole mounted on my roof (at the peak of the roof, north facing (directly above my window. With a rotor? lol Ok so the rotor is going a bit far...I almost think the reflectors would need to be removed as well? And the project starts growing in my head...

How do you measure the Ohm's of an antenna? Without the balun attached. Oddly I have an Ohm Meter, but I have never been able to measure exactly what the meter is named to do, meter ohms! :\
You can't measure ohms impedance with an ohm meter. Only resistance. Two entirely different measurements. The ohm meter can be very useful in antenna work for checking continuity of coax and connectors.
You shouldn't need to tear open a CS2-V and replace any thing. In theory a folded dipole is going to be so close to the dipole on the CS2V that you aren't going to see a bit of difference in the real word. Unless you need a different aim on the VHF dipole. I don't have one to look at but from what from what I can tell you are looking at something in all of this wrong. The needed UVSJ should be there.
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