OK Kids-Check out Google Chromecast


I've thought about getting that. Does it just stream whatever's on your pc to the TV or is it app-based like what's on my TV already?


That is actually like of funny that I found this forum. I was actually looking it up today. From what I read of the FAQ that they had on there site. It didn't strike me as something I would personally want to purchase. The reasoning behind my thought on that is because it reminds me a lot of the Cricket wireless internet device they have. Let me tell you it didn't work well at all. Now if you lived in town it worked kind of ok, depending on were you were located. If you lived out in the country, it does not work well at all.

So with that being said, I think that the device that they would be using would do the same thing. Considering that they are basically using the same device.
FWAmie totally agreed!!! I was reviewing this and for $35 its ridiculous I personaly would not get it either... but whose to say it will be the top leading internet/tv source one day? I just feel like its a waist. Don't get me wrong ..I do spend $70 in dish plus $20 for ppv. $50 phone and data( straight talk) if anyone knows of a better deal around Albany Georgia let me know!:)

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