Ok now I want your opinions


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I have both, only because I love that I can mirror my phone and iPad with Apple TV. Roku wins for me otherwise, in terms of content and overall value.


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I like Roku so much I have 3. I've never had an Apple TV (and don't plan on it). I have a Roku 2 XS, a Roku HD and a Roku 2 (current model). I have a feeling I should have gotten a Roku 3 instead of the Roku 2. The headphone jack on the Roku 2/Roku 3 is a great addition. I can plug it into various sound systems I have around the house and listen to what's on the Roku (Pandora, etc.). I don't have to have the TV on.


@dreichen1968: Why do you have all three? Aren't they all the same thing? With all the same software? What is so different about all three of them?
Yeah, more and more I read, less and less I"m inclined to try out the newer Apple TV (I used to be a user of the original), but am definitely going to try out Roku here soon! (Momma gave me permission).