Ok..what is the big deal over Veetle and Justin.tv?


I just took a look and I did not find anything really cool. OH..that Walt guy on Justin tv was cool..but other than that...is there anything good and how to find it?
Justin.tv is about the biggest carrier of internet TV. You can subscribe to it for $10 / mo. and suddenly find yourself with hundreds of channels, many of which are illegal. (Nothing new, there. Fox News through Roku/Playon is illegal too, but some folks around here are all into that.)

There are at least half a dozen competitors to Justin. I think iLive is #2. Veetle is another one. Who needs cable?? :huh:



I am a fan of Veetle.

Veetle TV broadcasters do offer (on occasion) new movies about 2-3 weeks after their theater release. Most are Cams but watchable. Wolf of Wall street, 12 years a Slave, The Butler, just to name a couple.
Also their SiFi & Horror movies are pretty cool to watch on a snowy evening & nothing to do.
The problem is, many broadcasters over there do not advertise the movie name or time prior to the start.

Regrading “Who needs Cable TV,” I'm all for discontinuing mine, but I am a fan of MeTV, Cozi, Antenna and Aspire channels offered on cable in New York If I could find these channels online I would give up my cable asap.

Yeah, when I first started out with expat living, we went to Justin.tv for a lot of sports content. No VPN required. Over time, however, and starting around the 2010 Super Bowl, ICE started clamping down on a lot of the providers that Justin.TV would link to, or the individuals who became locally famous for pointing their home video cam at the HD broadcast of pick a game or program. My favorite on Justin.TV was watching a game I wanted to see with a lady who had the webcam arranged to see her sitting on the couch in lingerie...my wife didn't like that one though!
I don't think I've been on the site since they started offering the paid service. My guess is this helps them filter somewhat the folks who crack-down on the service which used to just be advertised as a "blog your life all the time" type of service.
If you try out other "rebroadcast of possibly illegal" content sites, I do recommend you keep an updated antivirus on your computer. If you use a Windows computer, then Malwarebytes (free version) is a good one to keep on a memory stick for when (not if) you eventually get your computer infected.


Hmmm..I saw a blonde in lingerie. It was a static picture when I was scanning. I just saw a lot of kids talking stupid and Indian guys, business seminars and so on. I will have to poke around some more.