Old School Cable Providers

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Jim Navotney

In my area "TCI" was the largest that eventually became comcast.
At that time i went to Sprint DSL training and internet over cable didn't exist yet.
Sprint claimed their DSL format could bring up to 200Mbs over existing twisted pair.
As we now know, that never happened.
I recall telling the instructor that i felt that internet over coax would be much faster and the cable company infrastructure was already there.
I invested all i could spare in cable internet.
One of the best decisions i ever made.
Today we can get 1Gbs over cable.

Karen Marie

I remember before Comcast there was 'Home' which basically only had internet but I believe it was eventually taken over by Comcast because that was where our email went when Comcast came through.
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My introduction to cable TV was in the mid-'80s when I moved back to California from Indiana. The town of Alta Loma -- an unincorporated area of Rancho Cucamonga -- was serviced by ScottCable. Their office was at 19th & Amethyst in RC. Small lineup, just over 30 channels. Only premium offered was Showtime; Disney and TMC came a little later. Couple years later it became Simmons Cable TV with a slightly expanded lineup, and Adelphia after that. It was at that point during the Adelphia bank & wire fraud scandal we ditched cable for good and went with Dish (I'm still with them today), as my business-executive father had zero tolerance for anyone involved in that kind of corporate corruption.

I do remember, because I was heavily into computers & programming at the time, ScottCable's bulletin board channel operated off of an Atari 800XL home computer. I instantly recognized the graphics from it. The software for the BB was one of the Cable Graphic Sciences (a Seattle-based company) INFO/Gen cartridge ROM packs.
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