Older movie in the Public Domain available FREE online (cool website!)

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This excellent link is from Kim Komando dot com: Classic Cinema Online - Home


"If you like classic movies, this site is for you. It has hundreds of classic films. There is even a selection of silent pictures. Only movies in the public domain can be shown. This means the collection isn't nearly complete. But more movies are being added all the time. And it's free, so give it a try."
All I have to say right now is "Wow!"

I had been looking for a nice website like this for a long time, and now it looks like I have quite a bit of movies to start watching :)

Thanks again, and please let me know if you find any other sites with Classic Movies or TV like this.
I am still pretty amazed with just how many great movies are available over at that Classic Cinema Online site, and I can only imagine that the movie selection will get even better over time. Probably the best online site for older movies that I have seen to date, although people are always welcome to link me to better ones ;)