Oliver Stone to make Movie based on Snowden's Russinal Lawyer


Yes. The Russian lawyer wrote a novel about Snowden-kind of. Time of the Octopus will be published this fall. Sounds Red Octoberish. Anatoly Kucherena was Snowden's lawyer and really got into his head...he saws. Kucherena wrote a fictional story based on his contact with Snowden. So, we won't really be getting anything more than something "based on a true story." Goldilocks and the Three Bears was also based on a true story. Bears exist and oatmeal is good and beds are real. IDK. Might be good?
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I find Stone's conspiracy movies incredibly compelling as dramas, even though I'm aware they are almost entirely nonsense. It's sad to me that contemporary American left-wingers like Michael Moore and Oliver Stone have to have this conspiracy component to their rhetoric. They'd do far better convincing people of injustice and corruption if they didn't make it look like Roswell every time a politician lets the public down. The Snowden affair is ripe for this kind of espionage melodrama, however.