OMG - Replacement for William Peterson

Csi- omg

Ok, folks, I was disappointed to hear that William Peterson is leaving CSI this season, however, and this is a really big OMG, I just heard that Laurence Fishburne has signed on as his replacement. Thank you CBS for the early birthday present.

Laurence's acting is superb. Besides that, (and I hope this isn't TMI) Laurence still exudes so much sex appeal he can steam up the set.

I'm getting ready to set my TiVo for the whole season so I can enjoy my present all year long!
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Here, Here. I totally agree with the Lawrence sex appeal. I too am sorry that Wiiliam Peterson is leaving, but he is going to direct and therefore probably make some guest appearences.


Well I believe he is a better choice than John Malkovich eventhough Malkovich's one great actor he's just not right for this part as I see it.
I had no idea that John Malkovich was being considered for the part. I can't see him doing a Grissom. AFter you get used to William Peterson with his "Will Graham" persona from Manhunter, it's just very hard to replace. But I think Fishburne will do a great job.


Malkovich was and at first I thought no way but thinking on it now, it might've been interesting how he would've played the part. Still, Fishburne fits in perfectly with the show.


Presumably the new season stars October 9th with a follow up on Warricks death. I am really curious who will replace Gary Dourdan. Will there be another CSI replacing him?
They have a new female CSI but I am not real impressed with her so far. As I said in another post I think we have new writers this season and they stink! Everyone seems to be acting different this season. They just do not seem to gel together as they have in the past.
I do not know if the show is going to make it or not!

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