On Demand - An error occurred during video playback - TWC TV and Apps

I would like to receive help with the following issue:

Utilizing TWCTV online via desktop PC - On Demand/Watch Later

Receive "An error occurred during video playback. This video is temporarily unavailable. Please try another video or try again later. "

Using Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit) and Firefox Version 51.0.1 - Also tried Firefox Version 50 //////Chrome gave error - Firefox would not stop buffering.

Accessed Hulu/VH1/MTV/Lifetime - ran video with no issues

Modem/Router - Ubee

Standard Specification Compliant


Hardware Version


Software Version


Cable Modem MAC Address

Cable Modem Serial Number

CM certificate



Not sure if the above information will help or not. MAC Address removed for security.

I will say I previously had a Technicolor router with the same issue. This seems to really happen with new episodes, that's also if they even show as available. Example - also frustrating me - Supernatural / Episode 8 and 10 listed - episode 9 is missing. I understand these episodes are new, however, you can view these episodes currently on the network site or Hulu. Why can I not view it here?

Current issue/ Error Message with watching Love & Hip Season 7 Episode 11.

Please understand that in addition to having technical issues with TWCTV, my internet has disconnected twice in the past week (equipment fine and tech stated home/wiring fine) with no explanation from technical support reps, and I viewed my new bill which was $300.00 due to the promotional price falling off, again, no explanation. This is the second time in less than 6 months this has had to be escalated. I will be working further with those individual departments for resolutions. However, back to my point, this is getting ridiculous. I am almost at my limit. I would like every single aspect of my service to work without any issues for at least a month, other than outages beyond control.

Thanks in advance.

This question is about "On Demand - An error occurred during video playback", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.