ON Demand Does Not Work

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When I go to Channel 1, I get a black screen that says "Xfinity On Demand". After a few minutes a blue window comes up says "We're sorry but we are experiencing an issue at the moment, blah bla blah". It says " Error(VM-16)" in the bottom of the blue box also. After a few minutes of the blue box, it redirects back to the previous screen of the program I am watching.

Tried re-booting the box but no change. This has been going on for a while, maybe two weeks. Also phone numbers used to display on the TV screen when the phone rang. That has not been working for at least two weeks, maybe three.

Everyting else appears to work except for On Demand and the phone number display.

What has to be done to make this stuff work?

Thank You

"ON Demand Does Not Work," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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