On Demand Error CL-17 No solutions for 2 months



I have not been able to use my On Demand for over 2 months. I have followed every suggestion, restarted many times, unplugged every wire, customer service restarted, but no resolution. I was tranferred to another CSR and all they did was try to get me to upgrade my service, same as the first CSR. I see this issue on here, but never see a resolution. Is it possible to post a resolution to this issue for others to see? Customer service is not able to resolve this, I was transferred to someone who was supposed to have more knowledge, but they couldn't help me either. They just told me to restart the system and call back 2 hr later, so that the system could reset. I asked if I needed to call a different number to get to her and she said no, which tells me that there is no one there with further knowledge, just another person trying to upsell instead of fixing the current situation. I'm so ready to get rid of Xfinity!

"On Demand Error CL-17 No solutions for 2 months," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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