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We watch a lot of on-demand By Network on HD. There's often missing episodes or even seasons. Sometimes a new season will show up "by network and by channel", and sometimes only "by channel", and occasioally not at all.. TLC is particularly bad. One show with 2019 episodes was put in with 2015. My point is that some of the Networks are very sloppy with on-demand.

Right now there are two shows we're watching that are missing episodes: (1) Season 15 of The Incred. Dr. Pol on NatGeo. is missing at least 2 episodes, and (2) Season 2 of Charmed on CW never had episode 7 (it already took off episode 6, and just has 8, which is probably the current one??). Funny thing with Charmed. If you go into it "by channel", episode 7 is there, but it says "buy". The Dr. Pol listing is ridiculous. It has Seasons 15 (current), and then Seasons 14,13,12,6,2. Each of these older seasons has only 1, 2, or 3 episodes. Why bother?

Well over 2 months ago, I did a "chat" and asked to have Dr. Pol updated, as well as a show on TNT (which has already gon off). Neither were fixed.

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