On Demand Missing Titles - Time Warner TV

This question is about "On Demand Missing Titles", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Why does the on demand not include the lastest episodes on channels such as ABC, FOX, NBC? For instance, Grey's Anatomy episode 8 is available on ABC's site, but not on my cable box or TWC TV?

You pay so much for service, and still can't watch the lastest episodes.

This topic covered On Demand Missing Titles, and TWC cable tv service.


recent episodes are not avaialble on OnDemand

Yes! I noticed this the other day too. As of a couple weeks ago, I could watch the previous night's Grey's episode the very next night, on Friday. Hope it's just a one time glitch, but doubtful, since this appears to be the case with shows on other networks too. Definitely NOT a fan of TWC.