On Demand Movie No Closed Captioning - is there a fix? - DirecTV

I am new to Direct TV
I rented Independence Day Resurgence for via On Demand.
I am somewhat hearing impaired and rely on Closed Caption quite a bit.
I do have CC enabled and it works on live channels. But no closed captions
are working on this On Demand movie. Anyone have a fix? Is this just
the way it is? (which basically what customer service told me).
This will really impact if I order any further On Demand movies this way.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

This question, "On Demand Movie No Closed Captioning - is there a fix?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


I work with a closed caption company and work with these issues all the time. If you are able to get in contact with someone there, feel free to have them contact me direct Ryan@rev.com. Cheers!
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