On Demand Not Working-despite box replacements-FIX This!




Welp Ive reached my end point with comcast on this. We have for years now had glitchy on demand issues. Get various erros-have to unplug and replu the box in to reset just to watch a show.

I replaced the boxes in 15 and at comcast's behest replaced them again last week to "fix" the issue. After all that it still does the exact same thing. I pay good money for the service yet am denied it-and Ive done all thing comcast instructed.

Id say sure send a team out-but it better be a advanced level team with management out here stat. Most customers would have dumped comcast for this much aggravation long time ago. Weve been loyal here-I look forward to being contacted with a escalated ticket with management here- as well as some vouchers for some movies and rates.-Thx Art

"On Demand Not Working-despite box replacements-FIX This!," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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