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I’ve been watching the limited time free on demand programs from Anime Network on my TV, and have run into trouble while watching the show DamePri Anime Caravan. All the episodes play on my TV through on demand until I get to episode 11. I choose “Play Free To Me” and a message pops up telling me that I have to subscribe to HD to watch. I’ve seen some questions where it says the networks choose if they only make certain content available in HD. Okay lame, but fine. However, when I get on my Xfinity Stream app and go to the show on there, I can play episode 11 just fine, no message saying I have to subscribe to HD. Why can I watch this episode on the app, but not on the TV? Any way around this?

"On Demand SD/HD on TV vs App," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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