On Demand Shows Not Saved in Recently Viewed Queue



I rely on the 24 hour Window to watch an On Demand show as I rarely can finish one in one

viewing. Up until last night I could resume where I left off the next evening because unfinished shows would go to Recently Viewed On Demand Menu.

Last night every X I signed off the show(s) would NOT be Saved for 24 hours to Recently Viewed. It would immediately say "No Listings Available" forcing me to use the absurdly slow Fast Forward "feature" to get to where I left off (it should be called Barely Moving Forwarding). Very very time wasting.

What gives? Why all of a sudden can't I save On Demand Shows to be resumed where I left off for 24 hours?

"On Demand Shows Not Saved in Recently Viewed Queue," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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