On demand TV that was free and now it's not.



We were watching episodes of Veronica Mars, all free. Except yesterday when we turned on TV to see the next one in line: Season 3, Episode 8. Suddenly it had gotten changed to Pay per view.

Xfin pulled a scam, bait & switch con job. Not only were all the episoded from that point forward now only available with a charge, but all the others from the beginning were now suddenly also not free.

I think Xfin detected that my TV was pulling in all those sequential episodes and suddenly thought I'd gotten hooked, and couldn't resist, and they'd start getting more money from me.

Why should I have to pay a al carte when I'm already paying a monthly fee? Nope Comcast; not going to happen

"On demand TV that was free and now it's not.," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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