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We received two coupons and bought 2 converter boxes. We did not like the
boxes when we finally tried them out and returned them to the place where purchased. They did not want to refund our money because the time of their limit or returning expired. They only refunded the money we paid less the coupon worth. We did not get the coupons back. Can you send us two coupons to get the boxes? We did not benefit from the first ones.:confused:

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Rosemary, how long ago did you return those boxes?

We're a DTV forum that's not affiliated with the Government Coupon website, but we can try to steer you (hopefully) in the right direction. I'd recommend visiting https://www.dtv2009.gov/EmailUs.aspx and sending the coupon program an email about the dillema you've stated above.

Honestly, your situation doesn't look good for getting any more coupons because you've already received and used 2 valid coupons from the government.