On the subject of bandwidth throttling - Plex

For On the subject of bandwidth throttling and the Plex For those who haven't seen, Plex has taken it's first steps towards implementing bandwidth throttling in PMS. This is great news, as we really need more control over our users, since it's not exactly easy to walk our out of state grandmas through configuring all their playback clients to use the correct bitrate.
Right now it appears to only support a global bitrate limit, meaning any one client can use all of your available bandwidth if they choose (or unknowingly just take some default settings in their client). Emby has had this feature since 2014, so it is nice to see Plex reaching parity here.
My question is, are there any plans to allow for per user max bitrate settings under the restrictions tab of the user management screen? For me this would be the only real improvement, as I've already been doing global bitrate limiting through my firewall.