On vacation, trying to stream using a Roku, never gives me an option to login to my D


I'm on vacation at my daughter's house and I have brought along my Roku to try and watch some games on ESPN and Big Ten Network while I am here. I've installed the channels on my Roku, for example WatchESPN app, then when I go to try and watch something it asks me to activate by selecting my TV provider, so I select DIRECTV. It then instructs me to go to http://es.pn/roku on my computer to ender the activation code. Once at this website, it again asks me to select my provider, so I enter DirecTV and the activation code that is being displayed on my TV and click continue. It tells me on my computer that activation is successful, though it never askes me for my DirectTV credentials to log in. It appears that it's sending me to directv's login portal, but then it immediately sends me back to the espn website, without ever asking me to login. It then tells me on my Roku "0033: The customer isnot authorized for the content requested." This is very frustrating, as I travel a lot and want to still be able to watch some of the programming I pay for. I've tried all solutions, such as clearing browser cookies, cache, then changing passwords, restarting roku. I've called DirectTV on the phone as well as had online chats with their service reps, and noone seems to be able to figure out how to resolve this after several days.

This question, "On vacation, trying to stream using a Roku, never gives me an option to login to my DirecTV account.," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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