On Web Video, Closed-Captions Are Coming Slowly

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On Web Video, Captions Are Coming Slowly - NYTimes.com

From the article:

"The actress Marlee Matlin shimmied her way onto “Dancing With the Stars” two years ago, memorably using sign language to tell viewers to “read my hips.” But when Ms. Matlin, who is deaf, went to ABC.com to watch a replay of the show, she was impeded because the network’s videos were missing captions.

Closed-captioning is mandatory on television, but not for TV programs on the Internet." ...

..."Advocates are pushing Congress to pass an update to the bill that would mandate captions on any online video that has also appeared on TV, like prime-time comedies and dramas, and would take other steps to make consumer electronics more accessible, by requiring closed-caption buttons on remote controls, for instance." ...