OnDemand Apps not working 12/4/19



Trying to access On Demand Apps Pandora and Prime Video and neither will open today. Anyone else experiencing this issue? I've Restarted and powercycled my TV Box with no resolution. I can play Pandora thru the App on my LG TV fine using my Comcast internet connection, but NOT thru the TV Box app. Was working when I went to bed last night, but not working this morning 7a ET.

UPDATE 8:30a:

When powering TV off/on when On Demand Apps had been selected (and failing to open), I get audio from the TV channel but a screen with error message:


Unfortunately this feature is not working.

Our engineers are hard at work to resolve this problem.

Can a Comcast agent verify this?

"OnDemand Apps not working 12/4/19," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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