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currently my net connection speed through my wireless router is 17mbps, I don't have any other system running, no computer downloading anything whatsoever but still my on demand playback tells me that my internet connection speed is too slow.

I contacted the chat service last week about this and they had me reset my receiver, that appeared to fix the problem as of that day. The next day the problem was back, slow downloads, movies buffering, etc... a few days later (this AM) the OnDemand channels disappeared altogether and the only movies available were the ones recorded on my DVR. So I spent 30 minutes on hold to talk to tech support (NOT chat, actual tech support that can "fix you problem" according to Mike or Mark or whatever the smart alecks name was... he wins no points for customer service from me) who walked me through the exact same process as chat to reset my receiver and now I have my on demand channels but am back to my net connection speed being too slow for optimal viewing. It's telling me my download connection speed is .74 MBPS but I can run a test on my laptop or my iPad and it says 17mbps. I've even ran a wired connection to the system and it hasn't increased. Download speed any.

So I guess I need some tech support but I don't want to keep repeating the same problem and solution diagnostic tree while expecting a different result. Help?

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