One bill to combine with both ATT and direct should save - DirecTV

I had a direct tv account, my wife had a att account; we were both told if we combined the bills we would save, we put all the accounts in my wifes name, bills aren't combined and no savings. We have called att and direct and get the runaround who is responsible. I have spent time on the land liune getting swapped back an forth and tried on-line chat; can't get anywhere. If I can't save by combining; tell me. I will look elsewhere to get it cheaper.

This question, "One bill to combine with both ATT and direct should save," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


I've read posts back to 2015 that said don't do it since they can't get it right and hoped it would work it self out. However, as of today, they still have not. After spending hours trying to do this, I've realized that if it's this much of a pain to get done, imagine why and what could come next! So, I'm stuck paying internet on one bill with a useless home phone that I'd rather not have and wireless on another bill under my husband and instead of saving the $10 combined bill, I'm shelling out $12 for a pointless land line.....

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