One More $40 Indoor Antenna


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The Jet Squirrel Stealth Antenna

The Jet Squirrel HDTV stealth antenna offers an affordable solution to the rising costs of cable, without the addition of an unsightly object in your living room. In fact, once installed, the Jet Squirrel is hardly noticeable. Its streamline appearance, covert size, and adhesive surface make it easy to stow and virtually invisible to guests. Why continue paying for cable when you can receive free over-the-air HDTV in style.
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First there was the Mohu Leaf, then the Walltenna, then the Winegard Flatwave (and the Solid Signal "Blade"), and now the Jet Squirrel Stealth. This is even smaller than the flat antennas, but how does it perform? Look out for reviews in the coming months.
This looks a lot like the Phillips indoor amplified antenna, but it's much smaller, has no amp and no VHF monopole. You can get the Phillips new for $16, incl. S&H, or refurbished for (wowza!) $6.65, incl. S&H. The preamp is even adjustable, so this is a much better deal than I got on my Monoprice amplified indoor ($23). I think maybe Phillips is getting out of the antenna business. Either that, or they have a new design coming out that would directly compete.

So Jet Squirrel "improved" on the Phillips by leaving out the amp and the monopole, and shaving it down two sizes, thus justifying doubling the price.

How is this thing supposed to get VHF? Only thing I can figure is the cable. It's supposedly a "patented fast slim-wire" design. Could the cable be acting as a monopole? Whatever, I don't believe the reviews on Amazon. First two reviews were extremely negative. "Piece of junk," etc. Then the raft of 16 five-star reviews, all in the space of one month, and almost all from people with no other reviews on Amazon.

BTW, I notice back in April Solid Signal did a three part article comparing the Mohu Leaf with the Winegard Flatwave. For whatever reason, they claimed results were inconclusive, but if you just look at them, Flatwave won hands down.


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