One More Reason To "Defund" Pay-TV Industry


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In the paper(funded by the pay-TV industry), released Monday and authored by former FCC Chief Economist Tom Hazlett, the broadcast TV system is "a needless expense, propped up not by customer demand, technical efficiency, or business necessity, but legacy regulation generations outdated."

"We're not surprised the pay TV lobby has funded another author to support the ludicrous notion that local broadcasting is a 'needless expense,' " said National Association of Broadcasters spokesman Dennis Wharton. "The reality is that ATVA's members are threatened by cord-cutting and the multicast free DTV options offered by broadcasters. Given the exceptional performance of broadcasters in saving lives during tornado season, we look forward to a debate over whether local television is unimportant."
Read More: ATVA-Backed Essay Rips Into Broadcasters - 2011-05-23 20:12:35 | Broadcasting & Cable

If it ain't free it ain't for me... Why would I support an industry that is willing to try and use the government to kill off their "new" competition?

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