One of the Worst Cable Shows Coming to an End


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Jersey Shore Wraps Final Season

The sixth and final edition of the show recently wrapped production and will debut Thursday, Oct. 4, with the crew back in Seaside Heights for one last party (drunken pukefest)...

Shore was one of the most polarizing shows in TV history, but no one can deny its enormous success and pop culture influence. The series debuted in 2009 amid controversy from Italian-American groups, which accused the show’s self-described “guido” cast as acting like ethnic stereotypes. But MTV viewers shrugged off the complaints and, after a somewhat average series premiere, Jersey Shore quickly took off in the ratings. The show launched a whole lexicon of Shore slang (fist pumping, gym-tan-laundry, smush room, getting-it-in…) and made stars of its nickname-stuffed cast, who lined up lucrative endorsement and appearance deals.
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"The Hills" made it into syndication, will "Jersey Shore" get there also? That will be late night television at it's absolute worst. MTV, you could do something really inventive like bringing back music to "Music Television." And, by the way, the "Jersey Shore" cast actually came from NYC.
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